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[ISN] Failure to prepare for data hacks can exacerbate a crisis situation


By Terry Banks
July 01, 2013

For many organizations, the prospect of a data breach is no longer if, but when. Barely a week goes by without reports that a business, government agency, or other institution, has had data – customer records, internal communications, and financial files – stolen or exposed.

If your organization does suffer a breach, here are three experience-tested communications tips to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, mitigate collateral damage, and get back to normal.

* Get your facts straight. Instead of rushing to comment, as some people
  in your organization may urge, devote your energy to getting the facts
  right. You don't want to have to issue updated or corrected statements
  that will only attract new attention.

  Don't make a statement until you have clarity on the extent of the data
  breach, how it happened, and other information that may have been lost
  and/or could soon be exposed.


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