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[ISN] Crackdown takes toll on hackers


By Tom Pullar-Strecker
Technology reporter

Digital activist and journalist Quinn Norton says hacker group Anonymous has survived dozens of arrests in the United States, but there are a "lot of broken spirits" in the US following the crackdown on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Norton, famed for her lucid accounts of Anonymous, including one, Inside Anonymous, that featured in Wired magazine in July last year, will deliver a keynote speech at InternetNZ's Nethui in Wellington this morning.

In Inside Anonymous, Norton detailed the impact on Anonymous of the arrest of 28 year-old hacker and mentor Hector Xavier Monsegur, alias "Sabu", who was turned by the FBI in 2011 after being threatened with 124 years' jail time.

Norton said yesterday [Monday] that she believed the FBI was complicit in more than 50 hacks during the eight month period after it arrested Monsegur and secretly took over his online identity to gather and, she claims, generate evidence against other "Anons".


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