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[ISN] Mushahid outlays 7-point plan to ensure countryʼs cyber security


By Imaduddin
Business Recorder
09 July 2013

ISLAMABAD: The participants of a seminar on Monday agreed on a seven-point action plan to ensure country's cyber security and to defend it against emerging cyber threats.

Speaking on the occasion Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) Secretary-General Mushahid Hussain Sayed announced that country's cyber security must have three fundamental elements, to resist cyber attacks, cyber penetration and disruption. The seminar was held in wake of startling revelations made by Edward Snowden who claimed that the American National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on Pakistan through internet and online communication systems with 13.5 billion pieces of email, phone and fax communications intercepted.

"Our cyber security must have three fundamental elements. Pakistan's digital infrastructure must have the ability to resist attacks, cyber penetration and disruption; Defend against emerging cyber threats, whether state sponsored or otherwise, and ability to retaliate regionally, at least; Ability to recover quickly from cyber incidents, whether caused by cyber aggression, accident or natural disaster," said Mushahid Hussain while addressing the participants of the moot.

Since last year, the Senate Committee on Defence & Defence Production had identified cyber warfare as a new, non-military security threat to the country given its location and strategic role. Already in the region, there is an ongoing cyber "war of words" between the United States and China and out right cyber warfare between Iran and the United States/Israel.


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