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[ISN] Former National Security Agency / Booz Allen Contractor Edward Snowden is an (ISC)2 member


By William Knowles
Senior Editor
InfoSec News
July 11, 2013

On July 4th, the New York Times reported NSA contractor Edward Snowden trained and certified as a Certified Ethical Hacker by the EC-Council, a certificate which has since been rescinded by the organization. After what could be called stall tactics with myself, the (ISC)2 has now confirmed that Edward Snowden is in fact currently an (ISC)2 member.

While the (ISC)2 staff wouldn’t go as far to say what certification Edward Snowden holds, merely receiving a credential from (ISC)2 automatically makes one a member. On Tuesday evening, an (ISC)2 Member Services Advisor wouldn’t comment whether or not Edward Snowden is currently a CISSP citing "security issues are involved” and the (ISC)2 privacy policy prevents them from being able to confirm his certification status or personal information"

After pointing out the (ISC)2 Privacy Policy to the advisor that states “It is an implied duty that (ISC)2 identify and attest to the certified status of those individuals who do possess our certification. As such, (ISC)2 will verify whether an individual is certified by (ISC)2 or not upon receiving sufficient identifying information regarding the subject of the inquiry.”


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