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[ISN] DDoS attacks hit one in five UK businesses in 2012


By John E Dunn
16 July 2013

One in five UK businesses experienced a DDoS attack at some point during 2012, a survey by analytics firm Neustar has discovered, a percentage still significantly lower than that experienced by their US equivalents.

Overall, 22 percent of the 381 organisations participating in the annual trends study reported DDoS attacks, compared to 35 percent experiencing the same in a separate study carried out among US firms in 2012.

However, the underlying UK and US rates were probably very similar once the effect of suspected Iranian-backed DDoS attacks on the US banking sector are stripped out, the firm said without referring to the country by name.

Within the overall figure a core of sectors experienced much higher incidence of DDoS, specifically telecoms (53 percent), e-commerce (50 percent), and retail (43 percent); government and public sector (25 percent), technology (16 percent) reported lower levels with finance a notable trailer at a surprising 17 percent.


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