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[ISN] Anonymous Hacked FEMA, Leaked Hundreds of Email Addresses


By Derek Mead
July 17, 2013

Anonymous breached FEMA servers and pulled information on hundreds of agency contacts worldwide. According to the hacker collective, it was in response to Homeland Security training exercises that centered on a fictional version of the hacker collective. In a document containing non-sensitive data pulled from FEMA's system, Anonymous wrote that the attack was designed as a reminder that it would continue to fight against government efforts to police the internet.

The document, which was sent to me from a Tormail account this morning and since been released online, contains a dump of email addresses and contact info for hundreds of contacts: police and fire departments nationwide, FBI special agents, a "Bioterrorism Coordinator Chair," scores of private contractors, and some international contacts at agencies concerned with police work, counterterror efforts, and disaster response.

The dump contains a table of user IDs and MD5 hashes of corresponding passwords, presumably for DHS's Integrated Security and Access Control System. Also included is a small set of what appears to be descriptions of training exercises (sample title: "Monitoring Weather Conditions and Taking Necessary Precautions") that date from 2004-2007.

"Anonymous has purposefully redacted logins, passwords, SSNs and other details that might genuinely endanger the United States from this document, our intent is not to harm, merely to issue a firm warning," the document's intro states.


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