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[ISN] Google Glass Had a Vulnerability for Being Taken Over Via QR Code, But It Has Been Fixed


By Liz Gannes
July 17, 2013

A Google Glass security vulnerability that allowed an outsider to take control of the wearable computing device via QR code has been fixed.

Basically, since Glass allows users to connect to Wi-Fi by taking a picture of a QR code, it’s possible that someone could trick a Glass wearer to unwittingly join an access point that allowed someone else to remotely control Glass and to stream the display via Bluetooth.

Lookout Security found the flaw and reported it to Google on May 16, and it was fixed in a software update on June 4. Here’s an animation that explains the risk of the vulnerability.

This is an instance of security folks liking to prove they are good guys by finding flaws in other people’s products and reporting them — and then bragging about them after the fact.

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