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[ISN] NTRO releases guidelines to protect against cyber attacks


By Rakhi Chakrabarty
The Times of India
July 20, 2013

NEW DELHI: Cyber attacks on ministries, including home, external affairs, power and telecom, could soon constitute cyber-terrorism and could be punished with life imprisonment. Tough new guidelines were released by national security advisor Shivshankar Menon on Friday by which these ministries with critical information networks could be declared protected systems as defined by the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), the country's elite technical intelligence agency.

The guidelines have been drawn up by the NTRO's National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre to protect the country's digitized information networks "in public and private sectors" from cyber attacks, said Muktesh Chander, part of the joint working group that framed the guidelines.

Calling the guidelines topical and important, Menon said, "India's cyberspace is under attack from not one or two but several countries."

Cyber space is the most open and democratic, so it is important to maintain its privacy and secure it as well, he added.


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