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RE: [ISSForum] SP and WAN performance

One thing i am sure off: SP is not just a LAN technology. Its an enterprise software.
But probably a Basic installation does not provide better load than this.
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Subject: [ISSForum] SP and WAN performance

I have a problem with the amount of traffic that the
SiteProtector server generates when it opens the control channel to the
Sensors to get system information.  The average load is averaging
150kbs/for 40 seconds/every 2 minutes.  From what I understand, this is
hard coded into SiteProtector.

This creates a pretty significant problem when I have a 512kb wan link
with 4 sensors on one end and SP on the other. 

The event collector has nothing to do with this, so adding event
collectors remotely does not help.  The traffic is not event related.
Event traffic sits at about 1 to 3 kbps on average.

Support tells me that the solution is application servers need to
be on the same LAN.  One that is not an acceptable answer and 2 the
Application Server Service being off on a "Basic Installation" does not
affect the traffic generated.

Any ideas or more information on the subject?? 
Any help would be appreciated.
Support has told me that you cannot change how often the SP server polls the sensors.  Also, Support told me SP is designed to work only in a LAN environment.
Upping the WAN link speeds is not an acceptable tolution.  SiteProtector is an Enterprise application and should behave that way.


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