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RE: [ISSForum] SP2.0 and IP address change

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Eduardo P. O.,
At a minimum, you're going to have to modify the system's registry to change the application server portion of SiteProtector to the new machine name and IP address (see the ISS knowledge base).  Also, if you've installed the network and server sensors and used the old machine name and the key administrator, you need to modify the master status entry is the iss.access and issdaemon.policy files on the sensors and stop/start the issdaemon service on the sensors.
You may also need to '"reassociate" the sensor to the event collector portion of your single-server SiteProtector using the Console GUI. 

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Hi all:
One of my clients installed SP 2.0 on  W2K Server With 1xIS 7.0, 3xNS 7.0, 8xSS 6.5 .
Everything is working fine.
The problem is that in order to deliver to production it is necessary to change both the Server Name and the IP.
The installation was done using Basic Installation.
Can he change the Server Name? The Server IP? Both?
If this is possible what and where has to be done?
Your kind help will be much appreciated
Thanks and Regards
Eduardo P. O.