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[ISSForum] Proventia A201and Network Sensor XPU 20.14 and Network Sensor XPU 5.13 Now Available

Announcing RealSecure® Network Sensor and Proventia(tm) A201 Appliance XPU 20.14 and RealSecure® Network Sensor XPU 5.13 now available from the ISS Download Center: <http://www.iss.net/download/>.  
June 1, 2003


Included in this X-Press Update(tm) product enhancement (XPU) are eight new events including protocol anomaly detections and signatures.  


SecChkID  	ProductCheckName              		Event Type                 	            Risk Level
-------   		----------------              			---------                   	            ----------
4052*		HTTP_HTDIG_htsearch			Unauthorized Access Attempt	High
5470*		HTTP_IIS_Invalid_File_Parsing		Unauthorized Access Attempt	High
5095*		HTTP_Translate_F_SourceRead		Suspicious Activity		High
2282		HTTP_IIS_Bdir_Htr			Suspicious Activity		Medium
9249*		HTTP_Apache_Chunked_DoS		Denial of Service		High
4203*		Windows_Printing_Service_DOS		Denial of Service		Medium
6535*		FTP_Wildcard_DoS			Denial of Service		Medium
10400*		MSRPC_Malformed_DOS		Denial of Service		Medium

*These events are included only for 7.0 Network Sensor and the Proventia A201 Appliance, they will be considered for inclusion in an upcoming 6.5 Network Sensor XPU.


XPU 20.14 supports the Proventia A201 Appliance and Network Sensor 7.0 on Windows 2000, Linux, Solaris and RealSecure for Nokia. XPU 5.13 supports Network Sensor 6.5 on Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and RealSecure for Nokia.  Supported management consoles include Workgroup Manager versions 6.7 and SiteProtector versions 2.0 and 1.2.

For more information on this release, please contact the following:

* For additional product information:
-	X-Press Updates, <http://www.iss.net/db_data/xpu/RS.php> 
-    Network Sensor, <http://www.iss.net/products_services/enterprise_protection/rsnetwork/sensor.php>
-	Proventia Appliances, <http://www.iss.net/products_services/enterprise_protection/proventia/index.php>

*  For sales and professional services information:
-	sales@xxxxxxx <mailto:sales@xxxxxxx> 
-	800-776-2362 (U.S. and Canada); +1-404-236-2600 (International)

*  For support information, including ISS' Technical Support Knowledgebase: 
-	Customer Support - <http://www.iss.net/support/enterprise/index.php>  
-	Technical Support Knowledgebase - <http://www.iss.net/support/knowledgebase/>

*  For additional information regarding common issues experienced when downloading XPUs, please reference Answer ID 1843 in the ISS knowledgebase - <http://www.iss.net/support/knowledgebase/>

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