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[ISSForum] Inconsistent services reporting with Internet Scanner 7 (on XP)

I have been having trouble with TCP port scanning on IS 7 on XP SP1 and
think it has something to do with DCA. Depending on how the profile is
setup, I get different results every time. I've been trying to narrow it
down to a specific combination of checks will cause port scanning to be
skipped, but I haven't spent enough time on it yet. If I create profile
with only TCP Scan and TCP Services Scan enabled, I get services reported.
If I enable DCA, the port scanning appears to be skipped. If I enable both
full connect scans AND SYN scans, I get services again, but I think only
one of the scans (full connect or syn) is performed and the other is
skipped. Even if I have DCA disabled, but other discovery checks enabled,
the port scanning might be skipped as well.

Does anyone else see this behavior? I haven't installed it on W2K yet to
see if it's just an XP problem, but that might be my next step.


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