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[ISSForum] changing Site Protector and Internet Scanner default port


I migrate from 6.5 Workgroup to Site protector with IS 7.0 and fusion
module. Because for all my sensors I use another port for connection and not
default one I change the default port in Site Protector server and IS. 
To change IS default port I stop issdaemon and I change this port in
issDaemon.policy. After that IS is coming back with this error:

CML Response received with error 2267807869
Close Control Channel Response received with status 2267807869


CML Response received with error 10061
Open Control Channel Response received with status 10061

Next step I modify in EngineMgr.policy and when I start was same error and a
new one:
The internet Scanner Console is no longer connected to the Internet Scanner
Sensor. The server data sources could not be retrieved

Somebody know from where I get this error?

Also I have another problem: why in Site Protector I can't choose in what
port is listening my asset? Before was easy and now I need to modify
directly in Server for that. In not good when I need to migrate 40 sensors
to have this "little" port problem.


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