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[ISSForum] Administrivia (Privacy, Attachments, Posting time, Appropriate Content)



It's been a while since the last Administrivia (April 2002, see
http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/iss/2002-q2/0116.html) for a
refresher), so now seems like a good time for some adjustments,
clarifications, and recommendations.

As with previous Administrivia installments, this message is in a
mini-FAQ format.

- - I noticed my ISSForum posting on a web site. I don't want my name
and address posted there, so could you remove the message?

The short answer is no. If privacy is a concern, use a disposable
address. Many free mailing services are available on the Internet.

ISSForum is a moderated publicly-available mailing list, and anyone
with an Internet-based email address is welcome to join and submit
on-topic messages. This means your approved message travels to
thousands of recipients, all of whom have the option of deleting or
preserving your message in the myriad forms available on the

Internet Security Systems does not have (nor does not want) the
ability to dictate which messages should appear in the public after
the moderator approves a message for posting. Because of the
maintenance and authentication issues involved with editing a
repository of mailing list messages, as well as avoiding corruption
to the historical integrity that some repository owners value, most
web sites that archive ISSForum will not honor requests to delete
specific messages. However, there's no reason why you can't ask
repository owners to remove messages, but chances are good that they
won't without a court order, and ISS cannot intercede on your behalf.

- - Where are the web sites where ISSForum messages are archived?

At any given time, there are many transient sites posting individual
or collected messages from ISSForum. Some well-known and persistent
repositories are:

ISS (requires free ISSForum subscription):
Neohapsis:  http://archives.neohapsis.com/archives/iss/
10East MARC: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=issforum&r=1&w=2
University of Stuttgart CERT:

- - Why doesn't ISSForum accept attachments?

The short answer is that ISSForum is a text-based mailing list. Text
means no attachments or binary data.

The choice of text-only isn't an arbitrary choice. Many of our
readers and their corporation's mail servers block any message that
isn't completely in plain text, potentially limiting the audience and
usefulness of the mailing list. In addition, attachments are often
large and there's no guarantee that they won't contain known or
unknown malicious content. Any message including nontext content will
be rejected by the moderator.

If you have nontext content that is integral to the message, consider
inserting a link to the content in the body of the message.

- - I submitted a message a few minutes ago. It didn't appear so I
submitted it a few more times for good measure. When will it be
distributed to the ISSForum readership?

The short answer is "it depends." ISSForum is moderated at least once
every business day, and usually three times during the day.

ISSForum is lightly moderated, which means the moderator must read
and approve every message. The first moderation of the day usually
occurs around 0700-1000 US Eastern Time (GMT -05:00). Depending on
other priorities, and whether the moderator is away from the office,
moderation times and frequencies may vary. After a message is
accepted, it's sent by our mail servers to the ISSForum readership in
approximately 20-60 minutes. Your time may vary, depending on the
number and agility of the mail servers between ISS and your mail

- - I sent a message to ISSForum, but it wasn't accepted. Why not?

It probably wasn't perceived as being on-topic. The list of on-topic
subjects is available at: 

There are several topics and practices that most likely will be
rejected at the moderator's discretion:

- - Blank or misleading Subject lines.
- - Postings soliciting job opportunities or requesting occupations.
- - Announcements for web sites, conventions, conferences, meetings,
parties, or other events not related to ISS products or services.
- - Requests for release dates of future products or product versions.
- - Subjects tangentially related or generally oriented to computer
- - Messages containing on-topic content, but also including spam or
other off-topic content.
- - Duplicate messages resubmitted because the original message didn't
receive any replies. 
- - "Me too" messages that do not add additional knowledge to a
discussion thread.
- - Exclusively foreign (non-English) or non-ASCII messages. While
non-English is welcome, please use a language translator to provide a
side-by-side translation of your message.

If you have questions or information for the group, you can always
send them to issforum@xxxxxxxx If you have questions or comments for
the moderator, I can be reached at issforum-owner@xxxxxxxx 

Thank you very much for your time, and for contributing to and
reading ISSForum. 

Andre Frech
ISSForum Moderator
Internet Security Systems (ISS)
6303 Barfield Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30328-4233

Internet Security Systems -- The Power to Protect

Version: PGP Personal Privacy 6.5.2


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