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[ISSForum] Email alert but data fields are all joined together - Real Secure Network Sensor 7.0 with 6.7 WGM.

recently, I configured a Real Secure Network Sensor, and also the responses
alerts for email.

However, when conducting tests of this alerting responses,  the email send
back includes only the
Subject: SuspiciousTCP HTTP_IIS_Percent_Evasion Importance: High which in a
readable format, the rest of the data fields are all in a straight line
format, unreadable.

I have checked with ISS asia-support, however, after their testing, they
concluded that it is true that the data field is all joined together.

I remember in my last installation of Real Secure 6.5 WGM, I was also able
to select the fields that I wanted to appear, and the fields will appear as
headers or labels.

Please advise.

Attached below is a sample of the email alert.


-----Original Message-----
From: RealSecure
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 2:42 PM
To: asia-support@xxxxxxx
Subject: SuspiciousTCP HTTP_IIS_Percent_Evasion

2003-06-15 06:42:02 4542 N/A xxx.xx.xx.xx.xx 80 N/A
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