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[ISSForum] Changing and add User, but what changes do I need for the encrytion in terms of communcations?


Currently, my scenario:-

ISS Real Secure Network Sensor 7.0 installed on a Nokia IP350, and Workgroup
Manager 6.7 SP1 installed on a w2k server HP Intel box.

I believe that during the installation, we are prompted to enter the
computername_username, (for example, if my machine is called AAA, normally,
it would be entered as AAA_administrator).

And thus, the keys for communcation between the sensors, event collector,
and wgm will be encrypted with this administrator information.

My query, if I were to add in new users to the W2k box, and take away the
administrator account, what changes do I need to make to ensure that
encryption keys still work?

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