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RE: [ISSForum] NIDS 7.0 source and destination fields


Jack Chan wrote:
> Can anyone kindly suggest which tables/fields I can find the
> intruder and victim in ISSED?? 
> As I am writing code (using odbc) to extract out attackers 
> and other info. The code works for HIDS, but NIDS data will
> look a bit funny if my web server is rated as Top ten attackers
> for the month :)

I have moaned about this behaviour off and on for a couple of years
now. All credit to ISS - there was a new tuning parameter introduced
in XPU 20.13 for RSNS7.0 that fixes the 'source' and 'destination'
addresses to mean what we expect them to mean, rather than what is
technically correct!

>From the .ini file for XPU 20.13:

a) Normally, sensors report and consoles show source and destination
as the source and destination of the packet that triggered the event.
As an alternative, you can enable the Boolean tuning parameter,
pam.report.intruder-as-source, to change the semantics of source and
destination. When enabled, sensors will report and consoles will show
source and destination as the source of the attack and destination of
the attack respectively (for attack events). Likewise, for audits, 
source and destination will be the source and destination of the
client request. That is, source will be the client and destination
will be the server.

Obviously, this will only help for alerts that come in after you make
the change, but should help matters from here on in!


PS - if you are scripting results, "additional" details are in the
EventParams table, but are not that easy to extract!

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