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Re: [ISSForum] Gartner declares IDS obsolete by 2005

OK, I was following this article and somewhat agreeing until I get to this statement:
Meanwhile, Stiennon said, there is a place for monitoring and detection.

"That place is in wireless LANs, where you detect malicious activities, and that means that someone is in your parking lot or conference room trying to get access to your network," he said. "That way, you can deploy someone quickly to stop them

HUH????  The medium of the attack matters?  Wired vs. wireless?   And if they are close enough that I can run out to the parking lot and shake my finger at them and say "Bad hacker.  Bad bad hacker"?    Maybe I need to have my boss budget for good running shoes so I can literally chase the bad guys? LOL

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I would like to have ISS Forum member's  commend on this.


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