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Re: [ISSForum] Gartner declares IDS obsolete by 2005

I've been following this thread and also had quickly responded to the
"feed back" request at the end of the article. I believe we're all in
agreement that there were fundamental technological errors in the
article which the Gartner analyst then reached an inaccurate prediction.
Much of it had to do with the fundamental understanding of the purpose
of IDS. Notice they did not distinguish between HIDS or NIDS. If they
had made that distinction and how/why they are used, Gartner may not
have arrived at their false prediction.

I liken this to an old commercial many many years ago. The line went
something like this:

"When EF Hutton talks, people listen". 

I'm going to have to turn my hear aid down whenever I hear another bold
prediction by Gartner. (No I don't really have a hearing aid.)
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