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RE: [ISSForum] Gartner declares IDS obsolete by 2005

My problem with Gartner Group is that so many of their predictions
become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Gartner group says this is going to happent, and it does - because
everyone assumes that Gartner is always right..

When the AS/400s were announced - they were going to be a non-issue....
(according to GG)

Finally, some years ago GG finally admitted that there might be a niche
for at.  At the time IBM had sold over 250,000 of them...

I really believe that GG's prediction had a major impact upon it's lack
of penetration outside of the then existing S/38 user community.

Need I say that if it were not for that tremendous inertia, and the
weight of IBM, the AS/400 would have been another also ran...

Any successful hacks against it (the AS/400 ??) lately.

So,,,  I wonder had many managers will now start refusing  IDS

I think that for many of us, some features are not greatly needed -
others are..  I know that people are doing port scans against our DMZ,
and trying any number of port 80 hacks.  So - big deal...   If I see the
same types of traffic on our internal network, then it is a big deal..
Either someone internally is play "silly buggers", or we have a problem
in our firewall or.....

Is IDS a replacement for proper firewall design and administration,  a
good secure network architecture, proper server administration  - not on
your life.

Is it a useful tool in the defense of the homeland (MY internal network)
- you betcha!!

Villy Madsen,  ISP GSEC

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