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[ISSForum] Event Collector Errors

This morning I logged into the ISS machine to find a number of errors waiting for me. They are recurring errors, the two most common are:

AlertType: AssetStatus
AlertPriority: 1
Message: (event_collector_1) - Failed to commit transactions. bcp_batch failed. ISSED..t_eventinfo1
Code: 224447848

AlertType: AssetStatus
AlertPriority: 1
Message: (event_collector_1) - Event counts differ. The DB commit count=-1, the internal rows loaded count=1002.
Code: 231410856

I'm running RealSecure Console 6.7.2003.34.

I tried searching the knowledgebase on iss.net for answers but received no hits for the previous error messages. I inherited the setup from a previous co-worker and haven't had a lot of time to sit down and study it...until now, it has simply worked ;)

Any help would be much appreciated.
Joseph Coffman

Joseph Coffman
703 486 4548
BBN Technologies

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