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RE: [ISSForum] SiteProtector automatic update

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Dear all,
thank you for everybody who replied and wanted to help, there were quite many of you, thank you again. I should have checked knowledgebase first to save myself this kind of a question because after SiteProtector 2.0 SP 1.2 the manual upgrader cannot be used either to download XML files.
As for the automatic update, well, I will try out running the services with an account that is allowed to get through the proxy. Again I must stress that there is absolutely nothing in the logs (I think app_server.log and sensor_ctl.log) that would mean there is some problem with the update and/or proxy. It just is not mentioned at all. The update is set to happen every 1 (one) hour so the logs should be full of that kind of an error, yet they are not.
Someone of you has mentioned that it may well be default for the update not to work to prevent unwanted updates; well why has not been the update confugration section changed or removed after servicepack 1.2 if ISS wants so too? Or why has not they communicated this so far that automatic update does not work on purpose? It is not of very much use to allow configuring something that does not work anyway.
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Subject: [ISSForum] SiteProtector automatic update

Dear all,

We have set up a pilot system of a SiteProtector Basic installation: One SP server and four clients (one Server Sensor, three Desktop Protection clients). This generally works as expected.

We have had problems with automatic updating (XPUs and service releases), though, it does not seem to work (from the beginning) . As we learned, the update can be configured in the SP console in the SiteProtector Core (righ-click, the select Edit Properties, select "XPress and Product Updates"), we did not change anything in this window except we have set the proxy information.

I did not find any clue in the logs why the automatic update did not happen, in fact, I did not find any reference to this process at all. We had to run the manual updater tool to download the XML files and even downloaded all the XPUs and service releases from ISS site directly (to update SP to 1.2). Had to manually copy these to a new directory called "update" in the "Program files\ISS\RealSecure Siteprotector\Application Server\XPU" directory (I suppose this new directory would have been created if the automatic update had worked).

Only then could we see the "Available Updates: Yes" in the SiteProtector console for the appropriate sensors, and could perform the update as described in the ISS manual or XPU readme.

Otherwise I can browse the internet problemfree under the same Windows account that I use with SiteProtector from the same computer.

Can someone help me how to troubleshoot this malfunction ?

Attila Polinger
MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Co.