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RE: [ISSForum] SiteProtector automatic update


You may need to change the properties of the 'RealSecure SiteProtector
Sensor Service Controller' service on your Apps server to run as a user
a/c that has access through the proxy - Check out Answer ID 766 on the
ISS Online KnowledgeBase.

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I've had the exact same problem.  I also had to discover the hard way to
manually create that \update folder, and use the manual upgrader to
download the necessary update files from a corporate LAN.  I have tried
a few times to set up the automatic update feature with the proxy
settings but it hasn't worked.  I too can browse the ISS site from the
Application Servers IE web browser, log on to the ISS download site, and
download updates manually, but I can't get the manual updater to do this
either when I've installed it on this Application server (on the
client's LAN-which has a web proxy).  Don't have an answer for you, just
confirming your problem.


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      Dear all,

      We have set up a pilot system of a SiteProtector Basic
      installation: One SP server and four clients (one Server Sensor,
      three Desktop Protection clients). This generally works as

      We have had problems with automatic updating (XPUs and service
      releases), though, it does not seem to work (from the beginning) .
      As we learned, the update can be configured in the SP console in
      the SiteProtector Core (righ-click, the select Edit Properties,
      select "XPress and Product Updates"), we did not change anything
      in this window except we have set the proxy information.

      I did not find any clue in the logs why the automatic update did
      not happen, in fact, I did not find any reference to this process
      at all. We had to run the manual updater tool to download the XML
      files and even downloaded all the XPUs and service releases from
      ISS site directly (to update SP to 1.2). Had to manually copy
      these to a new directory called "update" in the "Program
      files\ISS\RealSecure Siteprotector\Application Server\XPU"
      directory (I suppose this new directory would have been created if
      the automatic update had worked).

      Only then could we see the "Available Updates: Yes" in the
      SiteProtector console for the appropriate sensors, and could
      perform the update as described in the ISS manual or XPU readme.

      Otherwise I can browse the internet problemfree under the same
      Windows account that I use with SiteProtector from the same

      Can someone help me how to troubleshoot this malfunction ?

      Attila Polinger
      MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Co.

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