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RE: [ISSForum] unable to update SiteProtector Database

Title: RE: [ISSForum] unable to update SiteProtector Database


Be sure that both keys are present on your 7.0 scanners.  I have had similar problems with 6.2.1 scanners, but not on 7.0.  I've included a snippet from a previous post of mine that may help.  It wouldn't surprise me that some 'quirks' from 6.2.1 have ebbed their way into 7.0.


2) Sometimes the scanner during installation does not grab both the event collector and application server keys.  This will either cause this problem [scanner is permanently queued] if the app server key is not present, or if the event collector key is not present, the scan will execute properly but the data will never end up in the SP database.


I believe that the keys should be present in the %system root%\Program Files\ISS\issSensors\%sensorname%\Keys\RSA (or cirticom, if you use their keys) directory.  In my experience, you'll need two keys, one for the event collector and one for the app controller.  Keep in mind that I've only deployed RSSP in the 'custom' configuration where it's distributed across two boxes.

Hope it helps,

Jason Bowen
Senior Consultant
Protiviti Inc.

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Subject: RE: [ISSForum] unable to update SiteProtector Database

Finally was able to install the update and complete all the available updates to date when i did the folling:
1- i set the SA password to blank.
2- i gave the issAPP account in the database a dbowner for the master the msdb database.
 Honestly i don't know which one solved the problem but i check my other SP installation and found that (2) is not a must.

Its strange but i need to look further into that.

However am still facing the following:

1- my Deployment manager site show now sensor setup available for installation( i.e i cannot install any sensor from the site)

except SiteProtector components and databriges. Knowing that that i upgraded my Deployment manager to the latest ( xpu_2_2.xml) before i even installed SiteProtector.

2- My Internet scanner 7.0 show a status of : not managed. i can run scans and update it. but i cannot recieve any result from it. i couldn't populate my Site Manager with host or get machine info's from a discovery scan

Any suggestions?

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From: wassim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:wassim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2003 4:04 PM
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Subject: [ISSForum] unable to update SiteProtector Database

I just finished a basic installation of SP for a customer.
i am try to update its database and core to 1b so as i can update it to service pack1.2
However the "SPDB_XPU_20030217B.xpu" is failing to install.
i am stuck on this update. i cannot upgrade my SP further.
currently it does not recognise IS 7.0

is there a work around?

i've SP twice but this is the first time i face such a problem.

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