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[ISSForum] Trend Analysis

We are wanting to start creating/using some trend analysis tools with our
RealSecure database that will allow us to display a time/day view of
An example would be to look at TCP Port scans over a month long period and
display a chart that shows the 30 days and how many Port Scans were seen
each day.
Then would like to see what time-of-day the greatest number of port scans
tend to occur. ... etc.
Anyone know of a product that can provide this level of analysis?

We are currently using RealSecure WGM 6.7 / Event Collector 6.5/ NW Sensors
7.0 on Windows 2000 with SQL 2000.
If anyone has already created Crystal Graphics reports or Access/Excel
charts that can perform this analysis I would appreciate seeing an example.

Thanks all!

Henry P. Schupp
Mantech - Integrated Data Systems, Inc.
Internet Security Operations Center

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