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[ISSForum] Fusion 2.0 My Take

I can give you some of the issues that have had I with Fusion 2.0.

There is not enough good documentation on the product. The high level view is great for a selling point but not if you have to trouble shoot it. If you plan to use Fusion by at least a hundred Internet Scanner licenses or Server Sensors it think you will not get any bang for the buck. (I have 10 of each and its not worth the hassles to try and find the events that it will correlate). That brings up another point try to find white papers (or any papers) on what events Fusion correlates with out calling ISS (apparently the white papers were taken off the website something about the competition). I have spent a lot of time on the phone with tech support just to see if fusion is working I can say that it is working I just wasn't getting those green circles instead all I would get is Fusion not enable or not recently scanned.

This product is a great concept and my prove to be of great benefit down the road but if  I had to do it all over I think I would pass until the next generation or at a minimum wait until I know exactly what events get correlated.  That’s my 2cents.

Kenny Lawrence
Security Administrator Wabash National
(765) 771- 5300 EXT 4503
(765)-532-9595 New mobile