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[ISSForum] Messenger Patch Scan Progam - Popping up a message

I know this isn't supported but wondered if anyone
else has used it. I can't get it to pop up a message.

I'm testing on an XP Home system with default XP install
and a Windows 2000 server with the patch removed. I can
do a net send from either system to the other or to
itself (via both and the actual IP address).
No desktop firewalls are involved. Both systems are on
the same subnet.

The scanmsgr program shows both as unpatched but a message
window doesn't pop up in either direction or when run
against the host the program is running on.

I've tried the default "scanmsgr target=ip" and also
various permutations of a "config=test.ini" file.

Any ideas?

Gary Flynn
Security Engineer - Technical Services
James Madison University

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