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[ISSForum] Still cannot enable DB Chainging

Hi All!

Well, my boss decided to install a full version of MS SQL Server 2000 on the machine, which I just did. In order to upgrade our application, we need to enable db chaining. 

In the Microsoft knowledge base there are two ways to do this: 

exec sp_dboption 'RealSecureDB', 'db chaining', 'true' 

This returns:

Database option 'db chaining' does not exist.

 Settable database options:
 ANSI null default
 ANSI nulls
 ANSI padding
 ANSI warnings
 auto create statistics
 auto update statistics
 concat null yields null
 cursor close on commit
 dbo use only
 default to local cursor
 merge publish
 numeric roundabort
 quoted identifier
 read only
 recursive triggers
 select into/bulkcopy
 single user
 torn page detection
 trunc. log on chkpt.

Then there is this:

To set this option for all databases, follow these steps:

Right-click <server>.
Click to select Properties.
Click Security.
Click to select Allow cross-database ownership chaining in the Ownership chaining section. Click OK. You are prompted to stop and restart the SQL Server services. Click OK.

In the Security section there is nothing labled "Allow cross-database ownership chaining" nor an "Ownership chaining" section. 

Also there is:

To enable this option at the database level, follow these steps: Right-click the <database>. Click to select Properties. Click Options. Click to select Allow Cross Database Ownership Chaining in the Settings section

Again, there is nothing like this.

In the MS SQL Sserver properities it seems to say that it is at SP 3. However, I cannot figure out how to enable the DB chaining.

What can I do? Do I need to removed and reinstall the whole MS SQL Server? 

Any help is greatly appreaciated.


Jim Mohr

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