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[ISSForum] SiteProtector - Sensor status query job

I am trying to setup a SQL Agent Job to run a query that looks for sensor status changes since ISS hasn't included such a basic service into SiteProtector. I have found the status field in the dbo.Component table in the SiteProtector schema but I can't find the corresponding table for the numeric values in the Status column. I believe that 7=Active, 28=Offline, 24=Not Managed, and 29=Idle but I can't find the table that lists all the values.

My plan is to set the job to run a query every 5 minutes, looking for status changes in Status column, and then email/page me. I would of thought ISS would've built this in but it should be easy enough to create if I can find out what all of the Status integer values correspond to in the Console status display.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know.