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[ISSForum] Tivoli introduced into RS environment...overflowing console and db

I've been running Real Secure Server Sensors on all our servers for a few
years.  Yesterday, a separate tool, Tivoli, was turned up in the
environment.  Tivoli requires a W2K server administrator account to run.
The Tivoli agent logs in 6 times locally every 2 minutes to kick off
programs.  Each login triggers two alerts:

1. User login with admin privileges
2. User logon with special admin privileges

These two alerts pop up for every sensor * 6 * # of servers in each farm.
It fills 4 gigs of database space every hour and floods the console to the
point it's useless.
I can't disable the alerts because we are required to have them and store
them for a period of time for due diligence.  I work for a large financial
institution and every admin login must be recorded and saved.  Has anyone
ever used Tivoli in an environment that co-existed with Tivoli?  I can't
find a single discussion on the net or in both product knowledge bases.  I
do not use Tivoli to with the Real Secure Plug-in.  The operate
independently of each other.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!  I'm
at wit's end.  I can't delete the excess rows in the db as fast as they are
coming in.

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