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[ISSForum] SP and XPU download strategy


we are about to migrate our customer base to SP 2.0.
The problem is direct access to https://www.iss.net.
Typically a sensor environemnt is managed out of band,
i.e. a special mgmt network is being setup. Many of our
customers would not allow for direct internet access from
this network. In the past we worked around this problem
using the WGM 6.7 file path option in the xpress updater.
XPU files could be downloaded vie MS IE and proxy and savely
stored on a central file server. SP 2.0 does not provide such
an option. The only choices you have are auto download or not and to download via proxy, which is a nice enhancement. However for an easy migration path we would like to have the alternative to download from a file path as well. Of course this would require all XPU, SP an SR files being available on the ISS website, which is not the case right now, but was true for WGM environments. We have made tests with auto download set to off. SP 2.0 will check for files in the local SP update directory. There are two drawbacks with this approach. Firstly files have to manually be copied there and secondly certain files are not available via MS IE access, e.g. JobUpdate.XPU, SP_DB*XPU etc. You may argue that https is inherently secure(?) and a firewall rule could be easily setup for accessing www.iss.net from the mgmt server. But he real world is different. In the end it is hard to understand, why ISS dropped an option that used to work perfectly for many customers. When EOL a product, the strategy should be, being backward compatible to existing user environments and not forcing the customer base to change everything. Migration on an as-is-basis is trouble enough!

I have cced this mail to enhancements@xxxxxxx, maybe someone is listening!

Any feedback is very welcome.
Karl Jaeger
Manager Customer Services

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