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[ISSForum] Network Sensor-X-Press Unable to install XPU's


I've just install Network_Sensor 7.0 on a machine running Windows 2000.
I can update to XPU 22.5 from https://www.iss.net/update/RealSecure with
RealSecure Update Installer, but i don't see XPU 22.6 and XPU 22.7 from
I manually download files "RSNetSnsr70_MU_22_6.xpu" and
"RSNetSnsr70_MU_22_7.xpu" from  https://www.iss.net/update/RealSecure
but i don't see them in RealSecure Update Installer dialog box with
"local drive or network share" option and valid path to ?


        Duron Wilfrid
        email: Wilfrid.Duron@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
        poste : 04 76 57 47 82
        @sse : ENSGI - 46, avenue Félix-Viallet - 38031 GRENOBLE

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