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[ISSForum] SiteProtector implementation of Desktop Controller - Account & Password questions.

This set of questions is oriented to the Desktop Controller, which controls all of the RealSecure Desktop Protector agents (a.k.a. managed BlackIce setup).

How can I validate what the Account password is?

How do I change the Account password for the Desktop Controller? (I know where to do this, but I want to understand - if I change the password in the Desktop Controller properties, where else do I need to change this password (e.g. in the policies)?

If I change the (default) account password for the Desktop Controller, do I have to rebuild and re-install all of the agent installs of the Desktop Protector?

How \ where is the password located in the desktop deployment package? Is it encrypted?

How do I ensure that all Desktop Protector Agents have the correct password to talk to the Desktop Controller?

Do I need to enter the Desktop Controller account password, somewhere in each of the policies?  Is this done automatically for me?