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RE: [ISSForum] SiteProtector implementation of Desktop Controller - Account & Password questions.

I performed a migration from ICEcap to SiteProtector but some of these issues I think I can answer.
1) I needed to know what the account password was before for a certain account group since it had got lost. Support told me it is stored in a one-way hash and can not be retrieved. Assume same is true in SP
2) The policies do not set the passwords but it it pulled from the higher group
3) On the ICEcap, if you changed password on the server for an account, all the distributed agents related to that account are now lost and cannot connect back since their password is wrong.
4) The password is encrypted in the package. If you look at the agent's blackice.ini and icecapset.ini files, you will see the encrypted password
5) I have had to build a new agent, install somewhere, and compare the encrypted password of this one to the encrypted password string of the agent in guestion for a match
Bobby Brown
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This set of questions is oriented to the Desktop Controller, which controls all of the RealSecure Desktop Protector agents (a.k.a. managed BlackIce setup).

How can I validate what the Account password is?

How do I change the Account password for the Desktop Controller? (I know where to do this, but I want to understand - if I change the password in the Desktop Controller properties, where else do I need to change this password (e.g. in the policies)?

If I change the (default) account password for the Desktop Controller, do I have to rebuild and re-install all of the agent installs of the Desktop Protector?

How \ where is the password located in the desktop deployment package? Is it encrypted?

How do I ensure that all Desktop Protector Agents have the correct password to talk to the Desktop Controller?

Do I need to enter the Desktop Controller account password, somewhere in each of the policies?  Is this done automatically for me?


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