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RE: [ISSForum] SiteProtector implementation of Desktop Controller - Account & Password questions.

Please see the below responses;
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Subject: [ISSForum] SiteProtector implementation of Desktop Controller - Account & Password questions.

This set of questions is oriented to the Desktop Controller, which controls all of the RealSecure Desktop Protector agents (a.k.a. managed BlackIce setup).

How can I validate what the Account password is?   The password is not stored in clear text anywhere on the systems.  If the original password has been lost then technical support can assist with recovering your password. 

How do I change the Account password for the Desktop Controller? (I know where to do this, but I want to understand - if I change the password in the Desktop Controller properties, where else do I need to change this password (e.g. in the policies)?   You do not need to change it anywhere else.  You can have multiple accounts reporting to the same Desktop controller, however they have to be under a different name.  You cannot have two accounts with the same name and different passwords.  So if you want to use the same account then you do need to be aware that any existing agent that was built to report to that Desktop controller will not be able to, until you replace it with a new agent build based on the changed password.  Agent builds are created with the first account name in the list.  all other account names are their for backwards compatibility with existing agents using an old account.

If I change the (default) account password for the Desktop Controller, do I have to rebuild and re-install all of the agent installs of the Desktop Protector?     Only if you do not recall what the original password was.

How \ where is the password located in the desktop deployment package? Is it encrypted?  Yes it is encrypted.  it is in  the BlackICE.ini file.

How do I ensure that all Desktop Protector Agents have the correct password to talk to the Desktop Controller?  They are successfully heart beating in.  if agents are not heart beating in when they should then you need to investigate and determine if it is because of the event password.  Additional assistance is available from support. 

Do I need to enter the Desktop Controller account password, somewhere in each of the policies?  Is this done automatically for me?  You do not need to  place it in policies.  it is 'baked' into the agent build when you create an agent.