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RE: [ISSForum] Securing RealSecure / SiteProtector Hosts

One note is that Support for Server Sensor installed on SiteProtector components such as

            Application ServerEvent Collector, Desktop Controller, Deployment Manager, Fusion, and Database is supported.  If there are questions please refer to Technical Support.

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Charles Banton                 
Technical Product Manager


Proventia™ Enterprise Protection

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Subject: [ISSForum] Securing RealSecure / SiteProtector Hosts

 I’ve been asking around for a while, and haven’t found a viable answer for the following questions.  Maybe you have asked yourselves these questions, and already found the answers,


How can I secure the hosts that make up a Site Protector system?


Are there any scripts that can harden a windows (2K) host supporting the identified SiteProtector pieces (identified below).


What services are needed? 


I can find notes that identify what ports and protocols are typically used, but I’m looking for all the relevant info in one doc.  


What kind of application protection can I use to protect these hosts (Server Sensor, Desktop Protector, 3rd Party solutions like Entercept, or Cisco CSA)? 


SiteProtector Pieces

            Application Server


            Event Collector


            Internet Scanner


            Desktop Controller


I’ve been told that I can’t use ServerSensor, and I can’t use Desktop Protector.  But – What Can I Use?



Security engineer