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[ISSForum] EC throttling event rate

Good day.

I have constant problem with EC - great number of events such as:
Message     (EventCollector_RSSPSQL) - Started throttling event rate (due
to large backlog of events waiting to be stored in the database).  If this
happens often, this may be an indication that your Event Collector is
overloaded.  [ID=0xc734004c]

Message     (EventCollector_RSSPSQL) - Stopped throttling event rate.

As I understand it is because of very high stream of events. But machine
with EC installed is not seems overloaded, so i'm interesting in:
1. How can I increase EC performance?
2. How can I manage EC queue?
3. How many events per second EC can process?
4. Is it right that SP can support only up to 5 ECs?
.. and others relevant with this problem.

Thank you all!
Best regards, Sergey V. Soldatov
Department of information security,
tel/fax +7 095 745 89 50 (2663)

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