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[ISSForum] Problems with adaptive profiles for RS Desktop

I've been working with ISS support on this issue but they do not have a
solution yet. I have numerous furious customers so I thought I'd see if
anybody else is experincing these issues.

I have a whole collection of customers who cannot get Adaptive Profiles
working. The problem is the VPN group.

The documentation says to use the external IP of the VPN
concetrator/firewall for the VPN adresses for the VPN adaptive profile.
But when we use this, it doesn't work. Agents on VPN connections remain
in default. 

So, we tried putting the Virtual IP range assigned to the VPN clients
into the VPN rules. Nothing, remains in default.

What's weird, is that when we put the virtual range into corpnet - the
agent switches into corpnet just fine. 

Has anybody seen this behavior. Do you have ANY suggestions?  


Andrew Plato, CISSP
President/Principal Consultant
Anitian Enterprise Security 
503-644-5656 Office
503-214-8069 Fax
503-201-0821 Mobile

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