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Re: [ISSForum] logging incidents and exceptions

Chris wrote:

> For audit and compliance, we are being asked to provide documentation on
> what steps are taken for every IDS alert.  (i.e. was it an incident and
> what steps were taken, was it a false positive, and what steps were
> taken, etc.)

AFAIK, ISS's products won't cover this kind of granular, day-in, day-out
activity. You'd be better served with any of a number trouble ticketing /
issue resolution systems, since the activity you're describing will never

To automate, I'd use ISS's alerting system to open tickets -- have the
sensors e-mail the ticketing system the pertinent information, and make
liberal use of the quiet time and issue coalescing functionality.

Less automatic, but more flexible, would be to institute a published shift
report (a good example is the ISC/SANS incident handler's diary, here:
http://www.incidents.org/diary.php ).

Tod Beardsley | www.planb-security.net
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