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[ISSForum] Site Protector database Maintenance

Hello folks,
just a little question about the database maintenance feature availabe in Site Protector 2.0 SP3.
I want to back up my data and restore them when needed. 
Once i try to copy *.mdf and *.ldf files (database and transaction logs files) but when i tried to reattach them to Sp_db it did not work. Someone in ISS told me it was not always possible to restore db in that way and suggested me to use db maintenance.
So i read the docs available on iss site but i still have some doubts:
1) to do a backup over a network share with which account i connect to the share? (database maintenance is executed by issapp user but i don't know the password) the sp db is not  a member of the domain.
2) when needed how can i restore the database??
Thanks in advance
Gian Fabio

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