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[ISSForum] -Real secure network sensor-Key administrator!

Hi all,
  to install Real Secure network sensor 7.0, I desinstall first 6.0 version
and install the 7.0. I also upgrade my WGM from 6.0 to WGM 6.5.
My license key is OK. and RSA keys are in the right locations. But when I
configure my sensor to be managed by my console I have the following
messages :
Verifying that you can configure the sensor.
Connecting to Sensor...
Connected to the Sensor successfully.
Verifying that the sensor can be monitored by an Event Collector...
The sensor can be monitored by an Event Collector.
Verifying you are a KeyAdministrator for the Sensor...
You are not a Key Administrator for the specified Sensor.   Please choose
another Sensor or have your RealSecure Administrator make you a Key
Administrator of the specified Sensor.
Disconnecting from Sensor...
Disconnecting from the Sensor...
Disconnected from the Sensor successfully.
Sensor verification failed.
You may not configure the sensor. 
the installation is not completed and the problem persists
Any suggestions ????
SAIDI Youssef
youssef.saidi@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:youssef.saidi@xxxxxxxxxx> 


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