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[ISSForum] Server Sensor 7.0 & ISS

Hello list,

since a few weeks ago we are experiencing some problems with the Server
Sensor 7.0 running on a WIndows 2000 Server box and IIS. What happens?

When the machine is booted, the web services and the issdaemon service start
as to be expected. However, when looking in the IIS console, you can see
that the web itself is not started. This due to the fact that the Server
Sensor has a lock on port 80 on the machine. When I stop the issdaemon
services, start the web, and then start the issdaemon again, then everything
is going just fine... untill the next reboot... 

I can solve this by first making sure that IIS and the web(s) is (are)
running, then start issdaemon. But, I don't want to do that. Is it possible
I have enabled some setting in the policy of the Server Sensor that's
causing this, or is it more a timing issue between issdaemon en iss



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