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Re: [ISSForum] Re: Database Full

Hi Pankaj,

It is a very complicated and consuming maintenaince task. We have two
distributed installations of SiteProtector, but just one of them is
active (It is like a Active-Passive firewall configuration).

I switch the platform every week. I unregister the sensors from the
active one and register to the passive platform. That way I always have
data in two different platforms, but one of them is related to the last
week. Before making the new platform switching, I have made a backup
(with MS-SQL Enterprise Manager in the Database Maintenance plan), I
move that backup file to a huge repository and then I uninstall ISS
Software (deleting the old backuped Database). After that I reinstall
ISS Software, apply the licenses, unregister sensors from the active
Siteprotector and registering to the reinstalled platform.

So I don't rely on maintenance tools of ISS, but my manager manual


Sharma, Pankaj wrote:
How you maintain this large db as the SP db maintenance utility is not that


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Hi Howard,

In my own experience with SiteProtector with 4 Network Sensors and 2
Gigabit Sensors listening to the traffic of an ISP, I propose that you use MS SQL Server. I collect 50 GB aproximately every week in the database.

Best regards


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