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[ISSForum] Changing IP address

Hi All!

We have Site Protector 2 and are going into install sensors on two new machines. These are then going to replace two existing machines. The IP address and name will be change to the machines that are being replaced. What would be the best way of installing the Server Sensor? Should I wait until after the switch is made? Or can I install the sensor now, prevent the sensor from being started (for example, renaming the init script) and then rename the script after the switch is made so the Server Sensor can be started.

I would actually prefer to do the installation after the switch is made. However, I will be on vacation at that time. So the question is what is more difficult or likely to cause more problems? No one else in the department has ever done a sensor installation. In fact, no one else in the department has done anything other than look at the HTML event reports that we generate daily. Therefore, I would like the proceedure to be as simple as possible.

Any input is greatly appreaciated.


Jim Mohr

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