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Re: [ISSForum] Site Manager : Slow to execute commands


Em Seg 02 Ago 2004 10:22, Ballerini, Jean Paul (ISS EMEA) escreveu:
> RE: [ISSForum] Site Manager : Slow to execute commands
> "Ballerini, Jean Paul (ISS EMEA)" <JPBallerini@xxxxxxx>
> Make sure the machine with the console and the machine with the
> Application Server have the same time.
>> Any command to an asset ( policy update, XPU update, start or stop a
>> sensor, etc...) takes several minutes to execute. Is this normal?

Only several minutes  into console if your console not have much memory :(

If machine console have < 256Mb need several minutes for execute.. I need
650Mb into console.. and I recommend some memory into Application Server 1G.

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