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[ISSForum] Automatic enabling of signatures

Hello List,
I wonder if there is a possibility, that the Siteprotector automatically enables a new Signature. I scheduled the installation of my XPU-Updates - works fine. Unfortunately, the new signatures in the XPU-tab are not enabled (checked) and there is no clue, if ISS recommends to block the new signatures or not. 
Only in a default policy (f.e. Attack_Blocker_Inline), the new signatures are enabled. I doubt, that the usage of a default policy, is very satisfying :-) How can I solve this Problem?

Another question is, if there is an notification (mail, etc.), if the SP has installed new XPUs of the sensors.

Johannes Luther
MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH <http://www.mtu-online.com/> 
Maybachplatz 1 
88045 Friedrichshafen, Deutschland 
Tel.:   +49-7541-90-3824

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