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[ISSForum] scanner shows itself on the scan


I have ISS 7.0 SP1.  Before scanning, I use pinger to ping hosts in my 
network, excluding the scanner.  Then I use command line to scan. 
Basically, this is what I do:

cd\program files\iss\scannerconsole\tools
pinger.exe -h
enginemgr -a addasset -e -n scanner_pt -t scanner -o stdout.txt
enginemgr -a startscan -e -n scanner_pt -hf hosts.hst -p 
"XXX_Priorities_xpu33" -poll t

The scanner's IP is  I saw the scanner's IP is listed in the 
hosts file.  I remove all hosts files from the scanner, restart the 
process and it shows up again.   Does anyone come across this weird 
behavior and know how to resolve it? 

Thank you in advance.

Hong Bui
System Administrator
Philips Ultrasound

Phone: 425.487.8109

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