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[ISSForum] SiteProtector 2.0sp3 & RSDP 7.0 - adaptive profile issue

Dear ISS Forum,

I have successfully installed and implemented ISS SiteProtector 
with 1 Desktop Controller and initiated the testing phase on 
4 RSDP agents. I have configured(through SiteProtector Console)
the 3 adaptive profiles: default, corpnet and vpn and they seem to be 
working fine. That is, when I connect to the IPs of the corporate 
network: agent changes from default to corpnet and viceversa on an
network. VPN profile works fine too when connecting to a CheckPoint 
gateway through SecureClient R56.

My only issue (and I wonder if somebody else has ever seen this type 
of behaviour) is that sometimes whilst on the corpnet profile, the 
agent switches its profile to default haphazardly. I can't associate 
what is triggering this. Could you please help me out in this? Otherwise

I must say this is a brilliant product!



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