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[ISSForum] Database shrink for RSDB

Hi there,

I'm trying to shrink the RealSecure SiteProtector (SP4.1) db which is about
11 GB (!).

I first used the Database Maintenance feature in SP Console with
autopurge/autoshrink enabled, no luck.

Then I followed KB#1146 to purge the db using the following sql procedure:

USE RealSecureDB
EXEC iss_PurgeObs  '1/1/2004'
EXEC iss_PurgeMetrics  '1/1/2004'
EXEC iss_PurgeSD  '1/1/2004'

followed by KB#2342:


also with no luck.
As I'm not an MS SQL guru I hope to get some hints from you guys.

Thank you in advance,
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