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[ISSForum] updating the RSSP 2.0 SP4 through Proxy



I'm trying to automatically update the RSSP components (i.e. SS, NS,
etc...) XPU updating fail with the following error:


IssdkXPUManager returned error downloading file
update\RealSecure\RSNetSnsr70_MU_22_33.xpu : The file could not be
retrieved.  The web server returned 403 (Forbidden). [ID=0xc7330028]

0% downloaded - update\RealSecure\RSNetSnsr70_MU_22_33.xpu

Downloading update file update\RealSecure\RSNetSnsr70_MU_22_33.xpu for
RealSecure Network Sensor 7.0 (XPU 22.33)


There is a Proxy server existing however I have tried to edit the
"IssdkInterface.policy" with the proxy credentials and restarted the
sensor controllers and still not working.


Anybody faced similar case.




Osama Salem

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